Turkey Mortgages

We Are Different !

If you are serious about obtaining a mortgage then so are we. Our process is very straight forward and clear. Your initial enquiry will be dealt with in the UK to establish your ability to borrow in Turkey.

You may have been misled by false promises of 90% loan to value for example, these simply do not exist. The amount that you can borrow will assessed against the lenders valuation of the property, not the purchase price, it is a difficult concept to grasp sometimes, but more often than not the price you pay for the property will be significantly higher than the value a mortgage lender will apply to it.

The Turkish are very prudent when it comes to finance and apply old fashioned values when it comes to borrowing.

Once we have established the basics your details will be passed to our Turkish partner. You will find the local knowledge to be invaluable when it comes to the processing of your application. Business in Turkey is transacted in a far more traditional manner than in the UK for example. Results really can be achieved over a cup of tea !